Today’s Service: February 14, 2016

A new beginning in the Ministry of Church B53.

Leading the church to be the ministers to one another that God intended them to be.

Today at church I opened up with the golden rule verses the world rule and set the stage for discussion in small groups to discuss the battle we have between the two. Then I had everyone break up in groups to provide an opportunity for ministry to take place one to another with the guidelines that no one person dominate the group and that each person share at least a few minutes of personal thoughts and experience. Then I brought us back together, asked for a short expression of how the small group ministry experience impacted their lives, and then gave a short sermon and real life illustration from my personal life on how the Lord blesses us with the opportunity to deny ourselves of using the world rule and blesses us to live by the Golden rule. The feedback was awesome! And seeing people that never say anything talking, embracing, and getting to know others was a huge blessing for this pastor. 

Here is a few pictures as people were spread out thoughout the building, circled up, and getting real in light of Gods Word.

image-8 image image-7 image-6 image-5 image-4 image-3 image-2